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The Theory Behind Choosing Siding Colors For Your Home

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home, choosing the right siding colors is an essential part of the overall design. For remodels, it’s important to pay attention to existing colors that won’t be replaced, like stone, roofing, windows, fascia, and soffit, as those elements can impact your siding color choices as you want a cohesive look.

A Easy Guide to Siding and Roofing Color Combinations

Choosing new siding colors can be daunting, but picking out the perfect roofing color to complement the siding colors can be even more difficult. When the final siding and roofing color decision has been made, you’ll have a show-stopping exterior you’re proud of.

5 Exterior Design Ideas That Make a Big Impact

When making your final siding color and style selections, it’s key to consider how you want to use the materials, meaning you should design your exterior with intention. We put together five unique exterior design ideas to use Diamond Kote that will make you feel like an exterior design pro.

Popular Siding Colors for Exteriors

The exterior of a home is the first thing people see and choosing the right siding color is a big commitment and selecting the right colors for exteriors matter.

Popular Home Styles in the U.S.

Starting with the right product on any remodeling project can give you head start on the final outcome, but the installation approach can assure the best overall performance for the long-term. At Diamond Kote, we recommend adopting a complete weatherproofing package for every project that utilizes our product.

Siding Styles to Bring Your Exterior Dreams to Life

board and batten, lap siding, shake siding

Look around your neighborhood, and you’ll see not only various siding materials, but you will also notice there is a wide variety of siding styles. Lap siding, vertical siding, and shake siding are all prominent styles in the United States, but what benefits does each kind of siding add to your home exterior? Siding is […]

DIY Birdhouse Using Leftover Siding

DIY Birdhouse with Leftover Siding Congrats, your siding project is finished, and your exterior is looking brand new! But you are stuck with some extra panels of siding and wondering, “What should I do with my leftover siding?” The answer is simple: a DIY birdhouse to match your exterior! Even if you don’t think you are a handy craftsman, […]

Top Siding Colors for 2021

Trending Siding Colors 2021

Your siding color is the perfect way to show your personality to everyone who drives by, as it’s the first thing they see. Choosing the best siding color for your remodel or new construction can be daunting, so we put together a list of the trending siding colors to help you narrow it down.