Popular Siding Colors for Exteriors Diamond Kote® Siding System

Popular Siding Colors for Exteriors

The exterior of a home is the first thing people see and choosing the right siding color is a big commitment. Selecting the right colors for exteriors matter – it shows off personalities, overall style, and the vibe guests expect upon entering your home.

Popular Siding Colors for Exteriors, swatches of Glacier Fog, Midnight, Emerald, and Canyon siding colors from Diamond Kote

When deciding on a siding color, there are a few things to consider before making that final decision:

Step 1: What is the architectural style of the exterior? Craftsman homes lean towards the dark, moody colors, while modern farmhouses create a high contrast look with bright white and dark accents. Picking the right colors to highlight architectural features on an exterior can add extra dimension and eye-catching accents.

Step 2: What is the overall aesthetic? Selecting the best siding color for an exterior can completely transform the overall feeling while giving an instant curb appeal boost. While this may be the hardest part of putting together an exterior color palette, we are here to help! Keep reading to discover popular siding colors homeowners are looking for when building or residing their exteriors in 2023.


As homeowners are looking to add warmth to their everyday living areas, warm, earth-tones are becoming highly sought-after siding colors. Warm, earthy siding colors create a cozy and intimate feeling, making the exterior feel more inviting for guests as they enter the home. These colors have a wide variety, like browns, oranges, reds, and tans, giving homeowners the opportunity to choose a siding color that highlights their overall style and home design.

Diamond Kote color options:
Umber: A deep, red-based brown inspired by the warmth of the natural world.
French Gray: Classic beige that pairs well with various siding colors and architectural styles.
Canyon: A high contrast, molasses brown adds a two-toned look to exteriors.
Mahogany: Bold and bright, perfect choice for stand-out cabins or modern accents.


Create a light exterior without using a simple white siding color. Cream colors are more subdued, but still give that light and airy feeling to exteriors while adding a hint of color. And like warm, earthy colors mentioned above, these colors add a cozy and welcoming aura to exteriors while making the exterior appear larger. Popular cream siding colors can either be warm or cool toned, giving homeowners an assortment, they can choose from when designing their home. The subtle tones allow for pops of colors in accent siding pieces or a fun front door. It's no surprise these hues are one of the more popular siding colors as they create a timeless exterior that will withstand trends year after year.

Diamond Kote color options:
Glacier Fog: A warm, off-white making waves in the modern farmhouse trend.
Sand: Bring the beach to the suburb with this siding color as either trim or a full exterior.
Oyster Shell: A warm-toned cream that provides a base for other siding color or light exterior stone.


The last few years have seen a huge surge in green inside homes, which has begun making its way to exteriors, and there’s no sign of the popular trend stopping. The natural hues in green siding colors give the home the feeling of a soothing outdoor sanctuary, and they are finding their way into an array of architectural styles, like Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, and Victorian. Overall, green emits a positive and uplifting vibe, making homeowners feel content as they pull into their driveways after a long, stressful day away.

Diamond Kote color options:
Olive: A light, sage green that complements other natural siding colors.
Emerald: A modern moody but vibrant jewel inspired green.
Custom Color: Expand your color options with a custom siding color, like Chiseled Green from the James Hardie Magnolia Home collection.


Dark and moody exteriors have become popular in Colorado and the Dakotas, and the trend is sweeping its way across the United States, and we see the trend continuing to grow in 2023. Black, navy, and dark charcoal gray siding give any exterior a modern edge and provide the perfect backdrop for ways to add additional colors and textures. These dark siding colors can be given extra dimension by mixing siding styles, like board and batten, shake siding, and horizontal lap siding to create a one-of-a-kind look. While dark siding is mostly found on Craftsman homes, farmhouses and even resides of traditional style homes are hitting the forefront with the boom in popularity of going dark.

Diamond Kote color options:
Onyx: True black with a softness of gray undertones adds high contrast on trim or full siding.
Midnight: Breathtakingly vibrant and neutral, this navy blue is a bold option for those who still want simplicity.
Graphite: A versatile charcoal gray that complements any home design and siding color palette.


While designing an exterior, Diamond Kote offers tools to help make selecting siding colors an easy process.

Home Visualizer: Our Home Visualizer allows you to upload your own home to apply these popular siding colors and styles, or simply choose a sample home for quick visualization.

Expertly Designed Color Palettes: We offer pre-designed color palettes that include main siding, trim, and accent siding colors, while incorporating roofing, doors, and more. These color palettes can be found in our Home Visualizer.

Free Samples: Feel the difference of a durable siding built to withstand the elements and order a free sample of the colors you've been eyeing up. We recommend viewing the siding color sample in the natural light that surrounds your home as direct sun, shade, and landscaping can affect the color.

Custom Color: Are you looking for a unique siding color? We offer custom colors to bring exterior dreams to life. Homeowners have made turquoises, pinks, purples, and more! Ask your local Diamond Kote dealer how to get the process started.

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