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Diamond Kote® Installation Videos​

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RigidStack Siding

RigidShake Siding

LP® SmartSide® Butt Joint with H-Molding

LP® SmartSide® Caulkless Butt Joint Installation

LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding Installation using H-Molding

Board and Batten with Vertical Panel Siding

Trim with Hidden Fastener System

Inside Corner Trim

Outside Corner Trim

Nail Fin Trim – Pocket Screw Joinery for Windows

Decorative Octagon Siding

Decorative Scallop Siding

RigidMount Installation

Pro-Post Wrap

Touch-Up Paint Best Practices

Inside Corner with Nail Fin

Starter Board

#1 Recognized Brand of Pre-Finished LP® SmartSide®

Installation and Videos

30-Year No Fade Warranty

Installation and Videos

Built to Perform

Installation and Videos

Install Siding Faster