A Easy Guide to Siding and Roofing Color Color Combinations Diamond Kote® Siding System

A Easy Guide to Siding and Roofing Color Color Combinations

Choosing new siding colors can be daunting, but picking out the perfect roofing color to complement the siding colors can be even more difficult. When the final siding and roofing color decision has been made, you'll have a showstopping exterior you're proud of. Follow this simple guide on choosing the perfect roofing color for your Diamond Kote siding.

siding & roofing color options

Color theory is essential to creating the perfect siding and roofing color combination. Before you begin, you must decide if you want to be dramatic or subtle and if you want cool or warm tones. For a dramatic exterior, select high-contrasting siding and roofing colors, note they don't have to be bright and bold colors. And for a subtle exterior, choose colors that are similar and offer less contrast.


When selecting the overall tone of the siding and roofing, keep in mind the feelings they evoke. Cool colors are calm and refreshing, while warm colors are joyful and energetic. For a consistent look, having the same tone for the siding and roofing color is good practice. A good rule of thumb is to have the roofing color darker than the siding as it creates a balanced and harmonious exterior.


the best siding & roofing color combinations

There are a few obvious pairing choices, like White siding with a dark gray or black roofing color, but we are here to help you pick out the Diamond Kote siding and CertainTeed roofing combination just for you.

red siding: bordeaux

Red is a bold siding color, and when picking out a roofing color, it can either enhance the boldness or help subdue it.

  • Bold: Hunter Green, Burnt Sienna (shown)
  • Subdued: Moiré Black, Pewter (shown)

tan siding: french gray, oyster shell, sand

Continuously staying one of the top siding colors, tans provide timeless curb appeal and a simple base to spice up the exterior.

  • Bold: Hunter Green, Atlantic Blue (shown)
  • Subdued: Pewterwood, Burnt Sienna (shown)

blue siding: cascade, midnight, mountain lake

Selecting a roofing color to pair with blue siding is straightforward, as the calming, cool tone complements any color. Depending on the light or darkness of the siding color you choose, you may change the exact CertainTeed roofing color, but these are great roofing colors to get started.

  • Bold: Burnt Sienna, Moiré Black (shown)
  • Subdued: Shadow Gray, Colonial Slate (shown)

dark siding: graphite, onyx

Black and charcoal gray siding colors are gaining popularity and easily combine with virtually any roofing color. You can keep the dark and moody vibe going, add in color, or slightly lighten up the roof with a gray.

  • Bold: Moiré Black, Hunter Green (shown)
  • Subdued: Colonial Slate, Weathered Wood (shown)

gray siding: glacier fog, light gray, pelican

These siding colors allow for the most versatile roofing options, as gray is viewed as a neutral color that can be warm or cool.

  • Bold: Hunter Green, Atlantic Blue (shown) 
  • Subdued: Brownstone, Pewter (shown)

green siding: emerald, olive

Earthy and eye-catching, green siding is an excellent option for those wanting to feel surrounded by nature. Furthermore, this siding color complements many home styles from various eras, so the roof color can help boost the style.

  • Bold: Weathered Wood, Hunter Green (shown)
  • Subdued: Charcoal Black, Pewter (shown)

begin designing your dream exterior

Diamond Kote offers a variety of tools to help design your dream exterior.

  • Home Visualizer: Apply our offering of siding colors and styles, stone, and roofing to help make the final decision easier.
  • Expertly Designed Color Palettes: We worked with an exterior designer to put together over 20 exterior palettes that include siding, stone, and roofing to help you take out the guesswork. Available in our Color Studio and the Home Visualizer.
  • Design Guide: Want to learn how the pros make color palettes? Learn the foolproof techniques, like the 60/30/10 rule, to design a standout home.
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