Modern Home Designs with Diamond Kote® Diamond Kote® Siding System

Modern Home Designs with Diamond Kote®

Modern homes stand out with their clean lines, geometric shapes, and asymmetry. In the past, modern home design represented luxury and wealth, but with the growing popularity of the home style, modern design is beginning to come alive at all home sizes and price points.


A neutral color palette is commonly seen on a modern home, emphasizing the striking architecture while helping the home complement nature. These palettes include grays, black, and hints of warm accents with other materials. Diamond Kote offers Solid Colors, DuoBlend Premium colors for a stained wood look, and a Custom Color option for flexibility in obtaining the exterior you've always envisioned.

what is the duoblend premium color collection?

DuoBlend Premium is a collection of two-toned colors with a realistic wood stain look. Our state-of-the-art technology uses a base color and a top color to create a unique, stained look that enhances the woodgrain texture of Diamond Kote’s engineered wood siding. This color collection is a modern take on classic wood stains. It provides a maintenance-free, durable, and long-lasting color with an industry-leading 30-Year No Fade Warranty.


Stained wood looks are trending for modern home designs, enhancing the overall aesthetic with a timeless look and feel. With seven DuoBlend Premium siding colors, it’s easy to incorporate modern design elements like wood accents onto your exterior, making your dream a reality.


Let’s look at the three latest additions to the DuoBlend Premium siding color collection and how you can easily incorporate them onto an exterior to achieve a modern look that will captivate your neighbors. 

denali: cool-toned gray

Denali is a stunning DuoBlend Premium siding color that is perfect for incorporating modern design onto an exterior. Cool, gray tones have been a popular choice for flooring to modernize home interiors over the last few years. They provide a neutral background to allow other design elements to shine and gives a refreshing look to a space. A key to home design is ensuring the exterior and interior include similar design elements. Denali brings the popular gray trends to exteriors for a seamless interior and exterior flow.



Bump outs, gables, porch accents


Pair with these siding colors:

Onyx, Graphite, Midnight, Emerald

dune: warm-toned brown

Earthy and calming, Dune adds a natural element to modernize any home design. The dual warm tones give Dune a natural look, allowing the wood tone to complement virtually any siding color or exterior material, like stone, and look great on any siding style. Brown siding colors are highly sought-after for modern home designs as provide a timeless design, and create high contract when paired with other siding colors.



Soffit, gables, trim, full exterior


Pair with these siding colors:

White, Glacier Fog, Coffee, Sand

honeycomb: warm-toned brown

Honeycomb provides the warmth of natural wood siding and is a modern take on classic warm wood stain colors like mahogany or cherry. The rich, golden hues complement modern exteriors by highlighting unique architectural aspects and helping the eyes move around the exterior. Since modern home designs lean to the darker side of colors, Honeycomb adds warmth and a touch of color while remaining in the natural color sphere.



Soffit, gables, bump outs, trim, full exterior (an excellent color for cabins!)


Pair with these siding colors:

Cascade, Light Gray, Smoky Ash, Graphite

Diamond Kote’s DuoBlend Premium siding color collection includes four additional colors that are great additions for modernizing homes. Each is unique and can be used in various ways, like accents or on entire exteriors.


Bedrock: Cool gray with taupe undertones

Canyon: Warm brown with red undertones

Chestnut: Warm brown with orange undertones

Elkhorn: Rich, deep brown with red undertones

Ready to explore how to incorporate Diamond Kote DuoBlend Premium siding colors and experience a maintenance-free solution to natural stained wood on your exterior? Check out our design tools to bring your vision to life.


Home Visualizer: Upload a photo of your home and design your home within minutes. Our Home Visualizer features all Diamond Kote siding colors and products, front doors, roofing, stone, and more to complete the look.


Design Theory Blog: Learn the theory exterior designers use to create stunning exteriors and how to apply the theory while designing your own home.


Free Samples: Looking to see how Diamond Kote Siding System colors look in person? Order free samples to begin your home design journey. Due to limitations with digital screen colors, we recommend referring to a sample for accurate color.

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