There are many things to consider before residing your home to assure lasting beauty and durability.

Choosing to reside your home is a big decision and ultimately a very rewarding one. Whether you reside to increase the value of your home or simply to reduce exterior maintenance, Diamond Kote® siding, built on LP® SmartSide®, will completely transform your home.

What to consider when residing

Architectural Style

It's important to think about the style, architecture, and time period of your home.

Cape Cod, Colonial and Craftsman style homes traditionally use horizontal siding and shakes.

Farmhouse style homes tend to use vertical siding like board and batten.

Diamond Kote® - Home Transformations - Rooster Red Farmhouse - After
Diamond Kote® - Vertical Panel Siding - Panel Siding - Board & Batten

Existing Details

Upgrade the existing details of your home to complement your new siding.

Set the stage with a grand entrance for your home by upgrading old peeling posts with a Pro-Post Wrap.

Our RigidMount blocks can be used to blend unsightly extrusions, like electrical outlets, for a more seamless appearance.

Your Personal Style

Your new exterior should reflect those who live inside it. Express your personality by choosing a design that speaks to you.

Diamond Kote® RigidStack™ Lap Siding - Platinum - Traditional Charm Collection


Color is big decision when it comes to residing your home. It's important to consider several factors when making your decision.

  1. Style or era of home
  2. Location and setting
  3. Neighboring homes

Design Your Forever Home


Be confident in your style and color choices with our home designer tool. Upload a photo of your own home or experiment with one of styles provided.

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Create Your Forever Home

Diamond Kote® - Gallery - Low Maintenance - Family

Low Maintenance

Spend more time enjoying your family with low maintenance siding backed by a 30-Year No Fade Warranty. Leave siding out of your chore list - no repainting necessary!

Color Studio

Build a color palette that is your personal style. Explore these color combos and find one that inspires you.

Diamond Kote® - Find Your Style - Create Your Forever Home - Gallery


Discover new ideas to create a place you can't wait to come home to.