Moisture Management System

Diamond Kote siding and the Diamond Kote Moisture Management System work in unison to ensure homes and commercial buildings are protected from the elements.


House protection begins with the building wrap that is used. Water, air, and moisture will get behind your siding; having the correct moisture management system ensures there will be no rot or harmful mold.


Mold in your home can cause health problems for family members and pets, like allergies, allergic reactions, and asthma attacks, and it is costly to properly remove. When it comes to mold and rot on your house sheathing, every panel needs to be replaced, prolonging a simple siding project.

Three-dimensional Building Wrap with five dimensions of protection


Allows moisture trapped between the siding and the building wrap to drain


Keeps building envelope dry with its contoured design


Deflects air and moisture from reaching the sheathing


Allows vapor molecules to escape at the proper perm rate


High tensile strength resists tearing and punctures

Diamond Kote siding is a hardboard siding; meaning it doesn’t come with weep holes that drain water, and is tightly applied to the sheathing. Because of this, the proper building wrap is needed, like Diamond Kote 5D Building Wrap. This building wrap has drainage channels that allow trapped water to escape, allows for air to properly flow in/out of home, and increases the overall energy-efficiency of your home.

Complete the System

To add additional water and air protection, choose from our line of building tapes. Each tape is designed to assist in preventing air and moisture leakages throughout your exterior building envelope.

Building Tape

Diamond Kote Building Tape is a high-performance flashing tape ideal for sealing PVC, vinyl and aluminum window and door openings. Designed to be installed down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, our high tack tape is a durable air and vapor barrier.

Flex Tape

Diamond Kote Flex Tape is a 40-mil thick, peel and stick flashing tape for curved windows and doors. By forming a permanent, waterproof air and vapor seal, our flex tape prevents air and
moisture leaks!

Housewrap Tape

Diamond Kote Housewrap Tape is a durable, ultra-adhesive tape for use on vertical building wrap seams. Our tape reduces air infiltration through wall systems, helping to improve the overall efficiency of the building envelope.

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Moisture Management


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Moisture Management

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Moisture Management

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