Your siding color has the power to transform not only the look of your home, but how you feel about it too. Discover our five new trending colors that can add value to your home.


Just as the sound of water cascading from above and crashing into rocks brings calmness in nature, Cascade brings feelings of serenity with its soft blue color and gray undertones.

New Colors
New Colors


Like the precious gemstone, Emerald is a distinct, sophisticated green. It adds character and brilliance to each home, and pairs well with light or dark neutrals.


Destined to embrace and complement any color, Glacier Fog is a classic off-white shade that creates an elegant exterior with its warm, soft color.

New Colors
New Colors


Representing the security and stability of our natural world, Umber is a rich, deep brown, complementing all neutral and earthy tones.


Aged like a fine wine, Bordeaux is a bold tone that encompasses profound passion in its red color and brings out the rich character of any home.

New Colors

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