The Complete Siding System™ for Home Exteriors

The Complete Siding System™ for Home Exteriors

When it comes to residing or building a new home, there is more to an exterior than just siding; building wraps, soffit and fascia, trim, and accessories play crucial roles in the look and longevity of the home. As an industry-leading building material manufacturer, we’re committed to providing these products to you with our innovative Complete Siding System™.

During the process of choosing the home’s siding, there are a few questions to ask:

  • What color(s) are available? Is each color available in all the siding materials I need?
  • Does the siding manufacturer have everything that I need, or do I need to order materials from multiple companies?
  • What are the siding style options? Do they have the styles to bring the exterior design ideas to life?
  • Do all of the siding materials have the same warranty?

Luckily, Diamond Kote’s Complete Siding System™ checks all the boxes above. This single-source solution is designed to create exteriors that are not only beautiful but will also stand the test of time.

  • We offer over 20 colors, including Solid and DuoBlend Premium. We also offer a custom color option to create a unique exterior. Every piece of the system is available in all colors for a seamless exterior.
  • The system includes everything you need, making us a one-stop shop for all siding materials to create a dream exterior. Each product is designed to work together to not only make the exterior look great, but also perform well.
  • Our siding catalog features a variety of styles; lap siding, board and batten, no grooved and grooved paneling and shake siding. These styles are available in different sizes to work with any exterior.
  • Each piece of the system is backed by a 30-Year No Fade Warranty. To top it off, our Complete Siding System™ now features the all-new Moisture Management System to protect the home from air and moisture damage under the siding.

The Complete Siding System™


Protect your investment with a system designed to protect homes and buildings from the elements with products that reduce air and moisture damage. This system utilizes high-performance building wrap and tapes to make a home more energy efficient by protecting and sealing the exterior.


Diamond Kote 5D Building Wrap

Prevent harmful rot and mold on you exterior with a building wrap created for hardboard siding. The enhanced design of the building wrap aids in draining water that gets behind the siding and allows moisture vapor to escape to keep the building structure dry and strong while providing five dimensions of protection. The innovative drainage channels on this non-compressible wrap keep water out of the wall system and are designed not to crimp, collapse, or flatten, even when cladding is nailed tightly to the wall.

  • Drainage: Allows moisture trapped between the siding and the building wrap to drain.
  • Drying: Keeps building envelope dry with its contoured design.
  • Deflection: Deflects air and moisture from reaching the sheathing.
  • Diffusion: Allows vapor molecules to escape at the proper perm rate.
  • Durability: High tensile strength resists tearing and punctures.

Watch our video to learn more.

Building Tapes

Complete the Moisture Management System with tapes to improve protection.

diamond kote house wrap tape
Diamond Kote Housewrap Tape

A durable, ultra-adhesive tape to use on vertical building wrap seams.

diamond kote flex tape for building wrap
Diamond Kote Flex Tape

This peel and stick flashing tape is used for curved windows and doors to form a permanent, waterproof air and vapor seal

diamond kote building tape for building wrap
Diamond Kote Building Tape

High-performance flashing tape for sealing PVC, vinyl, and aluminum window and door openings.


Conceal nail heads and reduce seams to create a flawless finished exterior from the ground to the roof. Select the same color as the siding or choose a contrasting color for a unique look.

RigidMount™ Blocks

With seven styles to choose from, give each exterior protrusion, like exterior lighting or a waterspout, a blended look. These blocks are available in various sizes and can be color-matched to the siding to fit every exterior need.

Inside and Outside Corners

These pre-made corners add a finishing touch to the siding, giving each angle on the exterior a consistent look while protecting every part of the home.

nail fin trim
Nail Fin Trim

Use around windows and doors for a clean, finished look.

diamond kote starter board
Starter Board

Ensures a smooth transition between the ground and the first course of siding and is resistant to rot, warping, and insects.


Now on to the main star – choosing the siding styles for the exterior. Selecting the right style for the exterior not only creates beauty but adds protection to the home. Our engineered wood substrate withstands hail up to 1.75″ in diameter, and resists rot, decay, and delamination. And by prefinishing the siding materials, it takes away the need to paint on-site, saving time and preventing painting errors. We go more in depth about siding options in our siding styles blog.

board and batten siding
Board & Batten

Create visual interest with vertical panel siding that adds height and dimension to the exterior. This combination of wide panel siding with narrow strips of trim (batten strips) gives a layered aesthetic, fit for any home.

shake siding with rigidstack
Shake Siding with RigidStack™

The look of cedar shakes in a four-foot panel. Available in Staggered or Straight profiles to match the architectural style of the home.

lap siding with rigidstack
Lap Siding with RigidStack™

A standard lap siding, but better. The added RigidStack™ spline locks together, giving the siding additional strength and durability. Additionally, it helps create even shadow lines and hides face nails to create a seamless and stunning exterior.


The fascia and soffit are important parts of the exterior, they provide air flow and support for the roofing system.


Did you know poorly ventilated homes contribute to higher energy costs and moisture problems? Our soffit helps vent the roofing system and provides a high 10 Net Free Area (NFA) rating that surpasses the average vinyl and fiber cement rating of 5-7 NFA. The soffit is a great place to add a pop of color to an exterior by using a contrasting color to accent a commonly overlooked area of a home.


Protects the roof and rafters from moisture and helps keep gutters in place. An added benefit fascia provides is giving the roofline a finished look and transitioning the home from the siding to the roof.


When wrapping up the design of the exterior, don’t forget to add finishing touches to complete the look. These products instantly boost curb appeal:


Personalized RigidMount™

House numbers are an important exterior element. This mount block matches the siding and can feature up to six numbers in either black or white.

pro-post wrap
Pro-Post Wrap™

These posts are meant to wrap unfinished treated posts on the front porch or deck. Use the same color as the siding or add an accent color to create a statement.


When you side with Diamond Kote, you’re choosing a proprietary finish designed to be low maintenance and high performing. Whether you’re choosing from our Solid or DuoBlend color offering or creating your own color, we warrant our finish for 30 years.

  • Resilient Finish: Exterior color will not peel, chalk or fade.
  • Low Maintenance: Resists the build-up of dirt and grime while locking out moisture.

We believe you deserve the best-looking and highest performing siding products available, and it’s our mission to innovate with purpose and to deliver on that every day.

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