3 Ways the Diamond Kote Siding System Protects from Hail & Storm Damage

3 Ways the Diamond Kote Siding System Protects from Hail & Storm Damage

Storm & Hail Damage to Homes in the U.S.

According to the NOAA Severe Storm database, there were 3,763 significant hailstorms in 2021, with hail measuring 1" diameter or more, causing billions of dollars worth of damage. The Midwest is hit the hardest during the summer months - Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, and Oklahoma are ranked in the top 10 states with the most property damage from hail (source: Versik Understanding Evolving Hail Risk 2021 Report). If you live in an area where storms are common, you should consider installing siding that protects against hail damage.

But how can you prevent hail damage to your siding? Here are three ways Diamond Kote's Complete Siding System™ protects your exterior from hail, wind, and storm damage.

hail and storm damage in the united states

protection against wind damage

RigidStack™ Technology

The innovative RigidStack™ spline is featured on our lap and shake siding. The spline allows the pieces of siding to be stacked and locked on top of each other, creating a stronghold against winds up to 200 MPH, making it 375% stronger than standard lap siding.

We recently spoke with a homeowner, Jack, who lives in Kentucky. In December of 2021, an F3 tornado devastated communities in Eastern Kentucky, including Jack’s suburb. The tornado passed through Jack’s backyard, causing significant wind damage to his neighbor’s vinyl siding, while Jack’s Diamond Kote exterior survived the high winds and debris flying around.


The RigidStack provides durability against winds. Here at the lake, we have seasonally strong winds that I wanted protection against. However, I never imagined that two years after the house was built, we would have an F3 tornado come through. We had zero damage to the siding, no impact damage, and no siding or trim that lifted off. I can’t imagine building a new house and not using Diamond Kote siding.

Resists Hail up to 1.75″

Diamond Kote’s Complete Siding System™ is prefinished on engineered wood siding, which is produced by combining treated wood fibers with binders and other agents to create the most durable siding. Our siding has been tested for hail damage and showed no cracks or breaks by 1.75″ hail at 81 MPH. During third-party testing, vinyl siding showed signs of impact by 1.25″ hail and fiber cement siding showed dents by 1.75″ hail. Give yourself peace of mind with a complete exterior built to withstand hail, wind, and storm damage. Additionally, our finish is formulated to withstands the elements, so the siding will look as new as when it was installed.


moisture management

Moisture Management

Having durable siding on the exterior of your home is essential for protecting against hail and wind damage; however, with heavy rain in severe weather, the rain will get behind the siding no matter what. If water doesn’t have an avenue to drain, it will rot and mold your building walls.

The Diamond Kote Moisture Management System features our 5D Building Wrap and three building tapes that prevent moisture intrusion into the wall of your home and drain the water that gets behind the siding. When the building wrap and tapes are used with the Complete Siding System, the new exterior is protected against wind, rain, and hail, saving you time and money when a severe storm hits.

Are you ready to experience the Diamond Kote difference? Find Where to Buy and begin your journey to a low-maintenance exterior that will survive Mother Nature’s toughest obstacles.

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