Siding Weatherproofing System

Starting with the right product on any remodeling project can give you head start on the final outcome, but the installation approach can assure the best overall performance for the long-term. At Diamond Kote, we recommend adopting a complete weatherproofing package for every project that utilizes our product.

This involves a combination of a great, prefinished product with using best practice installation methods and accessories. Addressing seams, joints, and corners correctly will require proper use of sealants and flashing for the entire water plane of every exposed wallspace.

Let’s look at the how a weatherproofing package enhances a low-maintenance installation from Diamond Kote.



Once a clean surface is established, the first step for installation is applying a protective weather-resistant underlayment directly to the structure. Keep in mind the importance of spacing and be sure to leave ample room for overlapping and trimming for future install processes.



A key component in establishing the water plane of a wall are drip caps. A properly measured and bent piece of metal should be applied to the top of every horizontal surface cap like windows, outlet boxes, lights, and frieze boards.



Installing diverters to direct water away from wall intersections and into gutters will limit water exposure and increase the lifespan of the product. It’s also important to properly flash between walls and roof lines with a metal and an appropriate gap of at least 1″ to protect your home from the seasonal weather cycles including heavy rain or snow events.



Following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines is the best way to maximize the potential of your siding project and ensure your warranty stays in tact. This video tracks the installation details of a recent project and highlights some of the important steps thoughout the process.



Putting the final touches on a Diamond Kote® project means touching up paint and properly sealing all gaps with a high quality sealant. We provide matching touch-up paint with every project and each cut edge should be painted and sealed. Caulking all joints and paying special attention to inside and outside corners and around windows and other opening is the final step in our weatherproofing system.

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