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What is Rabbeted Trim & How Is It Used?

What does "rabbeted" mean?

Rabbeted refers to the pocket built into the trim or corner. This product feature, also called a J-Pocket, allows the siding to tuck into the trim instead of butting its edge. Not only does this save time on measuring and cutting siding, but it also eliminates the need to caulk the siding to the rabbeted trim, immediately giving the exterior a clean and finished look.

Diamond Kote Building Products is the first to offer the J-Pocket feature on an engineered wood substrate with their new Rabbeted Nail Fin Trim and Outside Corners. The trim and corners are available in two sizes, all standard Diamond Kote siding colors and custom color options.



Rabbeted Nail Fin Outside Corners

Diamond Kote's Rabbeted Nail Fin Outside are pre-assembled, one piece outside corners that are an easy grab and go solution. The corner features an exclusive glued locking joint for sturdy construction, while the built-in nail flange eliminates face nails to save time on detailed touch-ups. All of this, together with the J-Pocket, ensures Rabbeted Nail Fin Outside Corners give a seamless look while performing better than built on-site corners.



Rabbeted Nail Fin Trim

The innovative Nail Fin Trim not only incorporates the J-Pocket to ease installation, but Diamond Kote has also included a few additional enhancements to make installing trim and window casings even easier.

First is the planed-down back of the trim, which allows the rabbeted trim to sit flush against the wall. The other enhancement is the kerf, allowing for versatile installation with trim clips in sloped areas or with L-Brackets around windows and doors. Watch the video below to learn how to easily build windows casings with Rabbeted Nail Fin Trim.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is engineered wood the same as OSB?
No, engineered wood siding is not the same as oriented strand board (OSB). OSB is made by bonding and pressing together strands of wood with synthetic resin and is used for sheathing.

Engineered wood features advanced technology. Diamond Kote® prefinishes LP® SmartSide®, which features the SmartGuard® process. This one-of-a-kind process fully coats each wood strand with waxes, Zinc Borate, resins, and an overlay to add strength and protect against rot, fungal decay, high humidity, and more.

Does the J-Pocket cause water damage issues on the Rabbeted Nail Fin Trim or Outside Corners?
Because of the SmartGuard process on the engineered wood substrate, the J-Pocket will not cause water damage issues. The engineered wood is fully sealed and is protected against moisture intrusion into the wood strands.

As with any exterior, condensation in many forms will end up getting behind any style of siding. It’s important to properly integrate flashings and properly installed weather-resistant barriers to protect the home from water intrusion. With a properly installed Complete Siding System, you are fully covered under warranty.

What is Diamond Kote’s warranty?
Diamond Kote has two warranties: one for our finish and one on the substrate. Our paint finish is backed by a 30-Year No Fade Warranty, and the LP SmartSide substrate features a 5/50 year prorated limited warranty.

Diamond Kote has put the Rabbeted Nail Fin Trim and Outside Corners through extensive testing to ensure all steps are taken to maintain the above warranties when properly installed on an exterior.

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